advanced rehab physiotherapy treatment

Whether you have an injury, an on-going health issue, or are simply feeling the challenge of growing older, the team of physiotherapists at Advanced Rehab will work with you to maintain or restore your physical health.

A full range of physiotherapist services

Advanced Rehab has three clinics at Blockhouse Bay,  Ponsonby (inside White Cross) and Glendowie. All clinics offer a full range of physiotherapy services including:

Physio treatment that will exceed expectations

Visit one of our three physiotherapy clinics at either Blockhouse Bay, Ponsonby or Glendowie, and we will walk with you through our four step treatment process:

  • Assessment – it is about listening to your challenges for today and your goals for tomorrow
  • Diagnosis – we will explain to you the precise cause of your health concern
  • Treatment – we aim to achieve the best results in the quickest time possible
  • Self-management – we give you the tools to prevent recurrences

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