Physiotherapy services for older adults

People are staying fitter and active for longer than they used to but the reality is the aches and pains of growing older still challenge us at the most inopportune times.

At Advanced Rehab we have proven expertise and experience in physiotherapy care for older adults.

Physiotherapy services for older adults – proven expertise

At Advanced Rehab our physiotherapist team has comprehensive training and knowledge in all areas of physiotherapy for older adults.

Pre and post operation

Surgical procedures for the older adult are becoming more common, particularly knee replacement and hip replacement operations. We want to ensure you are physically prepared for your operation and are up and about as quickly as possible afterwards.

Let us help you by providing a full programme of knee replacement recovery exercises and hip replacement recovery exercises. In fact, we can develop a specialised pre and post-surgery programme for almost any surgical procedure you may have scheduled.

Falls prevention and balance

As we get older we become less steady on our feet. A fear of many older people is that they might have a fall around their home and injure themselves.

We will develop a programme to help you improve your balance either as part of your recovery from a fall, or as part of a personal fall prevention programme.

Home assessments

Following an operation, accident or change in health, things around home can be different. Steps that were once easy to negotiate can become awkward and tasks that were once simple are now more difficult.

Advanced Rehab will come into your home, assess your needs and determine what steps can be taken to make your home safer and easier to live in – it gives you and your loved ones peace of mind. We can also tell you about government subsidies relating to upgrading your home that you may be entitled to.

Activities of daily living (ADL)

Everybody wants to stay in their own home as long as possible. Their ability to do so is, in part, determined by whether they are able to perform routine activities without needing assistance. These routine activities or ADLs are: eating, bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring (walking) and continence.

We want you to be able to remain in your familiar surroundings for as long as you would like to and so will work with you to ensure you maintain or regain the physical health required.

Physiotherapy services for older adults – proven experience

Sean Mchugh and his team at Advanced Rehab and Blockhouse Bay Physiotherapy have proven experience in physio care for the elderly.

Recognising that elderly people often find it difficult to get to his West Auckland physiotherapy clinic, Sean began to visit his older clients in their homes. These visits lead to a request from Pinesong Metlifecare Retirement Village for him to hold a regular clinic for the residents of the village.

Since then Advanced Rehab has been asked to visit other Metlifecare villages and, in addition to the satellite clinic at Pinesong Titirangi, now services, Metlifecare 7 Saint Vincent in Remuera, Crestwood Retirement Village in Titirangi, and The Poynton Retirement Village in Takapuna, Hillsborough Heights Retirement Village and Dominion Home (Dementia unit) in Mount Roskill.

Home physiotherapy visits

Sometimes injury or age can prevent you from getting out. If you can’t make it to our Blockhouse Bay Physiotherapy clinic, or our Ponsonby White Cross clinic, we can come to you.

We are also able to come to your place for home assessments, occupational therapy care and post-operative care.

Manual handling training for carers

We provide in-house training to retirement villages training and supporting staff with their manual handling needs and questions. This experience means we are ideally placed to support and advise family and care-givers within private homes.

Looking after someone who is ill or incapacitated is not physically easy. Advanced Rehab will come to rest homes or your home and train you or your staff in the best techniques for physically handling those you care for. This will mean the very best care for those in your care and will ensure you comply with current legislation set in place for the protection and safety of both staff and client.

Discounts for Gold Card members

Because we are committed to helping older adults maintain their physical health and recover quickly from injury or illness, we offer a discount to Gold Card members.

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